Marine Charters & Experiences

MEPM have a range of marine charters and experiences for our property seekers. 

Yacht Charters

Select from our range of Yacht Charters in various of our destinations. We have both sailing and motor yacht charter options available. MEPM have access to exclusive super-yachts for full day, week or even longer charters.

Cruising & Sailing Experiences

All of the experiences listed include some marine feature even if cruising and sailing is not the main part of the experience.

For cruising and sailing lovers, MEPM have a range of cruising and sailing experiences in our destinations. We have destinations where you can experience some truly unique cruising spots as part of your experiences. All of the experiences listed include some cruising and sailing feature even if it is not the main part of the experience.

We can also put together a bespoke cruising and sailing experience for you and your group and you can combine your passion for cruising and sailing with your other interests and likes be that spa treatments, gastronomy, walking and so on.

MEPM have compiled a number of property discovery packages so that you can experience marine activities while you find your dream property. You can use our local teams to help you find your way around each destination and ensure you have an experience to remember.

Get Your Very Own Marine, Cruising and Sailing Experience