Cuba Property


Refurbishment Opportunity in Havana offering excellent returns.

Cuba is still a Communist controlled state run by the Castro family and as things stand, foreigners are not allowed to purchase property in Cuba unless they are prepared to invest more than 300 million USD and even then they are restricted to certain touristic based zones.

We can provide the ONLY OPTION to capitalise on the opportunity to enter the Cuban marketplace.

Every one wants to “do something” in Cuba. The issue is that Cuba is not quite ready to do something with everyone.


Old Town Havana has never been more popular. There is a chronic shortage of accommodation especially in the luxury boutique segment. We predict that there will be serious capital growth in this sector and easy rental income for properties in Cuba, especially Havana.

All of the apartments we source are stunningly beautiful (but run down) buildings. The architecture is typically imperial Golden Age Spanish.  The choices are breathtaking in their potential.


The MEPM team have put together a collection of investment opportunities for investors keen to ride the wave of Cuban opportunity based on 100 year lease agreements with local owners. Due to high demand, good luxury Hotel rates in Havana are achieving around 250-1000 USD per night.

Through MEPM, you can join an investment structure that executes the purchase, refurbishment and operation.


Capital Growth

Investors, just in any long lease agreement common in the UK, can sell the lease on at any time after a minimum period of 5 years.

Annual Returns

While a leaseholder investors would be achieving an expected 40% annual net profit share on the proceeds of their unit.

Multiple Investment Units

We accept multiple owners on units with a minimum investment of 50,000 USD. Maximum is 3 investors and they are controlled by a Management Memorandum. The average apartment, delivered in a fully reformed state and ready for guest use with staff, would be 150,000 USD. We purchase at around the 75,000 USD mark and then spend 75,000 USD on restoration.

Very Limited Supply

In view of the intense amount of work involved in the restoration process and our very exacting high standards, we can only realistically process two or three new units per year. Demand this far for this has been very strong. We hence are processing applications for purchase and participation in 2017. The 2016 slots have all been allocated.

The Cuba Collection Opportunity: Capital Growth, Rental Income, Shared Ownership, Limited Inventory


In view of the unique nature of this investment, we interview all our applicants in order to make sure that we share the same financial goals and that they full and risk balanced presentation.