Life on the Ocean Waves

Life on the Ocean Waves

Private super yacht charters and catamaran cruises. Just two great ways to spend a day on the Red Sea.

With just a cursory glance out of your window in El Gouna, the emerald waters and coral reefs of the Red Sea flash their beauty at you. On the horizon, the wonders of the desert islands of Shedouan and Tawilla capture your fascination. You probably don’t enjoy over crowded touristic boats complete with greasy chicken and coleslaw. You want the reefs to yourself and just a few others.  So how can you enjoy a life on the ocean waves around El Gouna without owning your own boat? We have two stunning suggestions to conquer this little piece of land malaise. 

SUGGESTION 1: A Luxury Super Yacht for the Day or Weekend

There are a surprisingly wide selection of luxury super yachts that can be booked from El Gouna. Our choice is the super yacht Seven Spices which you can see moored in El Gouna’s Abu Tig Marina.

Sorry, did I hear you say super yacht? Yes, Seven Spices, is one of the largest luxury super yachts on the Red Sea and it is based in El Gouna. It is 43m of sea faring superlative with six ocean suites and day decks for up to 18 people. It is fully crewed with 10 professional trained staff, deliciously catered, and offers scuba diving, kite surfing and is filled to brim with aquatic toys. They offer day cruises as well as weekend deals at attractive rates. Don’t worry about crowding, with three tiers of luxury decks there is more than enough space for your own private celebration aboard.

A Day at Sea

A day on Seven Spices starts with an early morning French breakfast of croissants and crisp pastries in the beautifully appointed dining room and sea saloon. After a quick brief on the yacht and a tour, you can pick your activities. All the water ‘toys’ activities such as water skiing, knee boarding, flying banana and snorkelling are complimentary while scuba diving and kite surfing instruction are extra and must be booked in advance. If you are not interested in activities above or under sea, you can choose one of three sun decks or a jacuzzi to relax and enjoy.

Size and Elegance

Seven Spices will then majestically make its way out of El Gouna’s stunning marina. Make sure you tell a friend on dry land to take a snapshot of your grand exit. The sheer size and elegance of this vessel with its sleek design make for impressive post-holiday viewing. 

As you hit the ripples of the Red Sea, dolphins will come out and salute this princess of a boat. You might go up to the top tier and look down on the reefs, or you can do the “Titanic thing” on the bow with your version of Kate Winslet. Or just chat to the friendly crew about the day ahead, the wonders of the boat or the secrets they know about the Red Sea. 

Arrival at the Reef - Tenders Down!

Toys ahoy!! Those who snorkel, snorkel. Those who water ski or partake in other activities can take to the water. Those who just want to lounge around with a Campari in their hand, the breeze in their hair and a good book on the horizon can just navigate to the nearest sun lounger, bean bag or sky suite sofa.

Canapes are offered after half an hour, as divers and snorkelers return. Tales of rays, lion fish, spotted drum abound. Others might have a laugh at someone else’s expense as a flying banana hurls its passengers off in front of you!

Mouth Watering on the Water

Lunch, as you can well imagine, is a truly super yacht affair. Fresh coriander and ginger soufflé, grilled lobster and fresh baby lamb chops take poll position amongst a delectable array of exciting and ingenious salads. The food is accompanied by your choice of chilled local wines, plus a delicious range of supreme desserts, French cheeses and biscuits follows the main course and coffee and liqueurs polish off the perfect lunch.


With the afternoon activities at an end, the sun begins to set and Seven Spices sails its way through cocktail hour and canapes back to El Gouna. By now, if you are part of the day group charter, you are firm friends with all on board. Frankly, with all the fun and shared frills with a day on Seven Spices, how could you not be! Your twilight return to Abu Tig Marina is memorable by its magic. Somehow, you find yourself silently vowing to yourself to return again to this magical boat and treat yourself to one of its excellent three night emerald island cruises. With competitive weekend rates, that Sky suite really beckons.


Sail Away: A Day on Ocean Diva

Like clockwork every morning and afternoon a magnificent red catamaran pulls up her sails in the Abu Tig Marina. The Ocean Diva is no super yacht, but for ‘real sailors’ and those with a great sense of uncluttered fun, she never disappoints. The 63 ft catamaran exudes natural elegance and charm. The staff are memorable by their friendliness and enthusiasm and much romance and laughter has emanated from the gang planks of this Diva masterpiece.

A Rich Sailing Experience

 Clearly, at 50 Euros, the price tag for a morning or afternoon on the Diva is a tad less than her super yacht cousins. However, the experience is as wonderful and rich in very many other ways. Firstly, you are sailing. The acceleration of the catamaran as the wind grips its sails is truly exhilarating. It gets up speed, and then it gets up more speed, sometimes in excess of 20 knots!

Drinks and delicious gourmet rolls are served. The wind is in your hair from the main deck or you can relax in the front nets as the sea splashes over you. Some have a go at the helm, with the crew only too happy to share their duties with the keen or the curious.

At the Reef

After a wondrous melody of sailing, the first reef arrives beneath you, literally. Some jump off and just splash around in the vermilion. Others put on their snorkels, join the snorkel guide and take off for a long hard look at life on these beautiful, naturally crafted reefs.

The lazier, jump into the guard tender and then drop themselves in at the exact spot. Others remain on the Diva and lounge around in the front catamaran nets with the half tone of calypso or Cuban salsa adding a special atmosphere.

All back on board, rum punches, wines and more gourmet rolls punctuate the next sail to a little private spot the Captain has discovered. On evening cruises, enjoy champagne and canapes as the sun sets.

Into Port

Another chat with a sturgeon fish, whose natural elegance puts most fashion designers to shame, and it is time to pull up the sails for the third time and allow the winds to take you effortlessly home. Docking back in Abu Tig Marina, everyone smarts a wave at the land-loving sun seals on Mood’s beach. Ocean Diva takes her well-earned place on red letter days during a stay in El Gouna. Put quite succinctly, don’t go home without a day on the Diva. Your inner Red Sea soul thoroughly recommends it.

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