Driving Growth

Driving Growth: Golf Property & Resort Destinations Buy a Golf Property? We are often asked if golf courses add value to residential property in resort projects. And very simply, the answer is yes… and no! Find out when a golf course adds benefit to your property purchase and when to steer clear!  Supports Short Term […]

Winter In Montenegro

Winter In Montenegro Porto Montenegro and Regent offer us 11 reasons to experience winter in Montenegro  1. Winter Escape Experience with Porto Montenegro and Regent This winter in Montenegro the Regent Hotel and Porto Montenegro village has teamed up to offer guests the perfect combination for a frosty day. Offering luxury accommodation, shopping, spa and […]

No Need to Stay in a Dive

No Need to Stay in A Dive: Best Locations and Real Estate for Divers Diving holidays don’t have to be accompanied by basic accommodation, beach partygoers making noise through the night and basic buffets. You can enjoy luxury living in combination with the beach lifestyle enjoying stunning accommodation, delectable gastronomy and chic party places. There […]

Surf Air Introductory Offer

Introductory Offer From Surf Air Surf Air recently announced that it will begin flying from London City Airport on 12 December. They are also increasing their London-Zurich schedule to a twice daily service, built around a business commute that allows you to travel early in the morning and back in the evening.   Surf Air […]

El Gouna’s Best Dive Sites

The Red Sea’s Best Dive Sites: El Gouna & Somabay Egypt is well known for its antiquities and the Great Pyramid of Giza is revered as one of the 7 Wonders of the World! But did you know that the Egypt’s Red Sea is counted as one of the 7 wonders of the underwater world […]

Favourite Beaches

FAVOURITE BEACHES! Google ‘beach’ and Wikipedia will tell you that ‘A beach is a landform along a body of water. It usually consists of loose particles, which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, or cobblestones. The particles composing a beach are occasionally biological in origin, such as mollusc shells or coralline algae. Some beaches have man-made infrastructure, such as lifeguard posts, changing rooms, […]

Tourist Trends 2017

Tourism Trends 2017: The Year So Far    The first months of 2017 have shown an increase in global tourist receipts with 6% more tourist arrivals in January to April 2017 than the same period last year. Tourism is a key driver of real estate investment and can underpin real estate returns. Especially for resort […]

Buy-to-Let, Apart Hotel & Other Rental Structures

Buy-to-Let, Apart Hotel & Other Rental Structures – Property Concepts Series Making income through property by way of rental income; such as buy-to-let, is a popular way of leveraging the investment opportunity that property has to offer. While we never recommend placing reliance upon rental income (unless there is an underwritten guarantee from the developer […]

Life on the Ocean Waves

Life on the Ocean Waves Private super yacht charters and catamaran cruises. Just two great ways to spend a day on the Red Sea. With just a cursory glance out of your window in El Gouna, the emerald waters and coral reefs of the Red Sea flash their beauty at you. On the horizon, the wonders […]

Surf Air Announce New Route to Zurich

Surf Air Announces New London to Zurich Route Perfect for British owners of property at Andermatt or simply those who enjoy regular trips to the stunning Swiss Alps is the new Surf Air route between London and Zurich. The route will open on 25th September 2017. Surf Air is a membership based all-you-can fly private […]

Cuba’s Car Culture

Cuba’s Cars: Icons of a Bygone Era Cuba’s cars have become symbolic of a nation stuck in a bygone era. Iconic, just like the Cuban cigars that are so famous, Cuba’s cars reflect the lifestyle and history of this beautiful Caribbean nation. The decades long trade embargo has had one very visible impact in Cuba. […]

Spa Secrets of the Sea

Spa Secrets of the Sea – Thalasso Spas are the New Wave Popular with the world’s jet-set, Thalassotherapy has become one of the top new health and wellness trends. Let’s be honest, jetting off to a beautiful sunny, sea destination to enjoy the healing, health and beauty effects of the sea sounds pretty good! What […]

Our Favourite 5 Properties in the World

Our 5 Favourite Properties in the World At MEPM Property we pride ourselves on giving a personal service. We are your real estate concierge and we know that buying a property isn’t just about the bricks and mortar. It is a truly personal decision with a balancing act between ‘head and heart’. When you buy […]

Top 10 Barcelona

Barcelona Top 10 Activities: Live Like a Local Without a doubt one of the world’s most stunning cities, Barcelona is the cultural capital of Spain. You will discover architectural masterpieces as you stroll the historic streets of this beautiful city with traditional culture and modern living seamlessly intertwined. Barcelona boasts excellent shopping, fantastic restaurants and […]

Half Year Round-Up

MEPM 2017 Half Year Round-Up Half of 2017 has passed already. Time flies! This is our half year round up summarising some of the key MEPM 2017 news so far. We will also consider the impact of the global political and economic landscape relating to our primary markets.  Y-Go New Destinations It has been an […]

Adventure 2017

The Best Adventure Destinations for Summer 2017 Finding the best adventures, trying something new, exploring the unknown – there are some destinations that have it all. Find the whisper of a thrill in our selection of the best adventure destinations for Summer 2017. 1. El Gouna, Red Sea Riviera: Desert & Sea Adventure On land […]

Stumped For Hotel Restaurant Or Activity Choice?

Stumped For Hotel Restaurant Or Activity Choice? How To Spot “ Fake News” On TripAdvisor Find out how to decode holiday experience reviews and make sure you only rely on the ones with valuable information. Every year thousands of people refer to Tripadvisor for honest and frank testimonials about future hotel stays, holidays activities and restaurants. […]

The Real Athens

The Real Athens: An Insider’s Guide Avoid the hordes of tourists and experience the authentic Athens. You can still visit the iconic and historic monuments which are dotted throughout this exciting ancient city while you absorb its energy, bask in the sun and find all manner of hidden treasures. An ancient intellectual centre, Athens was […]

Five Ways to Charter Yachts Inexpensively

Five Different Ways to Charter Yachts Inexpensively Life on the ocean waves on a luxury yacht is the ultimate in first class living but it is well known for being quite an expensive treat. Not only do you have to hire a yacht, but then there is the skipper, the crew, the fuel, the food! […]

A Taste of Cuba

A Taste Of Cuba: Havana Food & Drink Amongst the many charms of Cuba and Havana are the authentic, varied and fresh cuisine on offer. Restaurants in Havana are numerous and there are the bad as well as good. We’ve picked some of our favourite options. Best Authentic Cuban Experience: La Fontana A true taste […]

How to Understand Rental Potential

Estate Agency Secrets: How to Understand Rental Potential  When buying a home overseas a huge proportion of people want to rent it out to either holiday makers or to long term tenants. We never recommend basing a purchase solely on rental potential but it can help ease the ownership costs. That being said, sometimes even […]

Alderney BBQ

    Barbeque Go Zone. Alderney’s Beaches ‘More Than Cut the Mustard’!   Alderney, the Channel Island, is a beautiful slice of uncrowded ‘franglais’ with a stunning array of beach and fort barbeque venues. With only 1,500 residents and less than 2,000 visitors per annum, your solus position is rarely under threat. The backdrops are […]

Air Travel Secrets

Air Travel Secrets Five Ways To Travel In Comfort And Style For Less Than A Budget Air Fare Budget airlines are often far from budget! Many simply fly to destinations that offer you no other choice of direct carrier, so you are forced to use them and they charge you heftily for the privilege.  In […]

Secret Egypt: Where & How to Invest

Secret Egypt: Where & How to Invest Egypt is unique. Across this vast country exists over 5,000 years of history intertwined with modern living. With its year-round sunshine, beautiful seas, historical monuments and vibrant towns and cities, there is something appealing to everyone, no matter your lifestyle preference. When it comes to property, foreigners can […]

10 Vital Questions for Second Home Purchasers

10 Vital Questions for Second Home Purchasers Think of buying a second home aboard? There are many factors to take into consideration and the process can be bewildering! At MEPM we have the solution! Managing Director Edward Hill shares with you his ‘Vital Score Sheet’ to help you make that all important decision. Edward Hill […]

Top 14 Montenegro Towns for Real Estate Investment

The Top 14 Montenegrin Towns and Villages for Real Estate Investment Montenegro is a comparatively small country, yet given its dramatic mountain scenery, fjords, coastlines and plateaus, the distances between everywhere seem much larger. It is also a country of microclimates providing a range of experiences and lifestyles. Each nook and cranny of Montenegro is […]

Europe’s Best Golden Visa Options

Europe’s Best Golden Visa Real Estate Investment Options To reward foreigners making direct investment into their countries several European states have implemented Golden Visa schemes which are linked to property. In this article, we discuss the best golden visa schemes with specific reference to investment in real estate. There are also several golden visa schemes […]

Classic Developer Promises

Classic Developer Promises Where The Glossy Brochures Stop And Developer Realities Set In! There are 10 basic things to watch out for in ‘brochure speak’ when buying off plan from a developer, to make sure that you understand what you’re really getting. Our property gurus help you ‘decode’ the brochure promises. 1. Photos aren’t always […]

Where Can Sterling Take You Further?

Where Can Sterling Take You Further? How to Get More Property for Your Money Where Can Your Sterling Take You Further? Many UK residents are feeling the pinch when it comes to the weak sterling versus the Euro and US Dollar. It is affecting not only their travel and lifestyle options but also their investment […]

Marbella’s Best Neighbourhoods

Marbella’s Best Neighbourhoods Choosing a neighbourhood in any city is full of challenges. Each neighbourhood has something different that it offers up to its residents and visitors. Property investors need to check that the neighbourhood in which they are buying meets their criteria whether they are looking for a place to party, a place to […]

How to Make Your Home Sale Ready

How to Make Your Home Sale Ready Quite often we are asked why houses stay on the market and fail to sell. There are the obvious reasons like over ambitious pricing, but sometimes it is in the presentation of the home. First impressions mean everything as most people can’t see past what is presented to […]

Tempted by Havana?

Tempted by Havana? 10 Golden Rules to Make More Out of the Land of Mojitos and Salsa! MEPM Property Managing Director Edward Hill shares with you his 10 golden rules for making more out of the land of Mojitos and Salsa! Mention the word “Havana” at any dinner party and most guests, with the possible […]

How Property Experts Find the Best Ski Properties?

The Property Experts Best Ski Properties Ski property has always been hugely popular and demand has been growing faster over the last few years. One reason for the enhanced demand is that it can be difficult to book in the best and most stylish ski resorts during peak weeks and it is likely to cost you […]

The Best 10 Things to do in El Gouna

The Best 10 Things to do in El Gouna El Gouna, considered the jewel in the crown of the Red Sea is blessed with all year round sunshine and offers residents and guests alike a plethora of exciting things to do. Here are our top 10 recommendations for getting the most out of your visit […]

11 Reasons to Buy Outside The EU

11 Reasons to Buy Outside the EU MEPM Managing Director Edward Hill shares his expert knowledge and gives us 11 good reasons to purchase a holiday property outside the EU 1.TAXATION – Less of it! Generally there is no transfer of cross-border information from outside the EU about your property. All you earn on your […]

Best Destinations for Guaranteed Winter Sun

The Best Destinations for Guaranteed Winter Sun It’s not too late to book your escape to find some winter sun! Finding destinations with winter sun may sound like a walk in the park, but the reality is that changing climates have drastically restricted the options available without heading significantly south of the equator with long […]

The Top 5 Property Investment Locations for 2017

The Top 5 Property Investment Locations for 2017 With the New Year creeping ever closer, we asked the MEPM property gurus what destinations to look out for in 2017. Here are their projections for the top 5 investment locations for 2017.   1. Montenegro Long known to the jet set as the secret  luxury destination, […]

Why You Should Always View a Property Before You Buy

Why You Should Always View a Property Before You Buy   You should always treat with caution anyone selling you an international property who tries to persuade you that you don’t need to see a property before you buy it. Unless you are lucky enough to have your own advisory team who will inspect properties […]

EasyJet Announce New Route to Tivat, Montenegro

EasyJet Announce New Route to Tivat, Montenegro        EasyJet start a new route between Geneva and Tivat in Montenegro in 2017 making it even easier to get to one of our Top Y-Go Destinations! EX-YU Aviation tells us all we need to know!   EasyJet already offer flights from London Gatwick and Manchester […]