Adventure 2017

The Best Adventure Destinations for Summer 2017

Finding the best adventures, trying something new, exploring the unknown – there are some destinations that have it all. Find the whisper of a thrill in our selection of the best adventure destinations for Summer 2017.

1. El Gouna, Red Sea Riviera: Desert & Sea Adventure

On land and under the sea, the coastal desert lifestyle is full of adventure and hidden thrills. El Gouna, at the centre of the Red Sea district is the perfect base to access some of Egypt’s most exhilarating activities all under the warmth of the Egyptian sun.

Desert Safari

The vast desert calls. Head out into the rugged dunes and feel like you have stepped back in time. You’ll feel like Lawrence of Arabia as you speed through the sandy wilderness exploring the vast dunes, valleys, mountains and settlements of a bygone age. Meet the transient Bedouin tribes who inhabit the wilderness. There are options available to enjoy your desert safari on Quads, Dune Buggies or Jeeps. Whatever you choose, this is an experience you will always remember.


High octane thrill seekers will be at home on El Gouna’s brand new motocross circuit at Motoclub Egypt. Kick up some dust as you take to Egypt’s only MX and ATV tracks. Whatever your age or experience, there are expert medically trained tutors on hand to make sure you have an incredible ride. Keep an eye out for the events that they host as well to watch the professionals ride the circuits – a gasp inducing experience!

Deep Water Diving

Explore some of the most intriguing wreck sites in the world. The Red Sea, part of the infamous passage to India, is dotted with wrecks from a bygone era. The treacherous waters and reefs of the Red Sea have laid claim to wrecks including the 1983 Greek ship Ghiannis D and the 1869 Carnatic one of the older wrecks now almost completely covered in coral. There are also stunning reef dives including Careless Reef and Sha’ab El Erg which both have some incredibly diverse marine life to explore – you may see dolphins, one of four species of sea turtle, moray eels and much more. Special trips can be taken to the WW2 Thistlegorm wreck site a treasure trove of wartime history, voted one of the Top 10 dives in the world, originally explored by French diver and film-maker Jacques Cousteau.

Kite Surfing

Harness the power of the wind as you fly along the dramatic coastline of El Gouna. Float seemingly weightless through the air before landing back on the glistening waves. Kite surfing combines the elegance of gymnastics and dance with the thrill of surfing or snowboarding. There are numerous kite schools in El Gouna offering beginner courses for the uninitiated and advanced courses for those looking to improve their jumps and rides. The shallow lagoon waters are the perfect place to learn and El Gouna also has a cable park which is perfect for riders looking to practice tricks or for any rider when the wind is down.

2. Montenegro: Forests & Mountain Wilderness Adventure

A country with dramatic peaks, beautiful inlets and ancient forests, Montenegro is a must on any adventure seekers hit list. Despite its small size, Montenegro’s varied landscapes lend to a wide variety of adventure activities and all within travelling distance and with plenty of unique places to stay or camp.

Cliff Jumping

The rugged and dramatic coastline provides some unique cliff diving experiences that those familiar with cliff jumping will enjoy. Mostly the cliff diving is an informal activity rather than being organised by providers, but popular locations include Mogren Beach and Becici Beach. 


Montenegro is a climbers’ paradise. There are 10 sports climbing locations in Montenegro with bolted routes, but for the more advance traditional (trad) climber there are almost unlimited climbing destinations to explore. There are some incredible crags with summits offering some of the best untouched views across Montenegro. Podgorica provides an excellent starting point for any climbing adventure in Montenegro. Surrounded by dramatic canyons the 73 sport climbing routes and trad routes around Podgorica are quite stunning. Routes throughout Montenegro are typically at V + level.

Mountain Biking

Bike through forest passes, along the coast and through the mountain passes at the heart of the country. There are a range of dirt track routes across the country ranging in difficulty. The uninitiated may be best to start with a Pedalon experience.

Jeep / Quad Safari

What better way to discover the mountain passes of Montenegro than on a Jeep or Quad Safari. This is a great way to see the incredible scenery of Montenegro and hold your own on the winding trails and roads that trace the coastline and mountain ridges.

Helicopter Tours

Enjoy the incredible peaks and valleys of Montenegro from the sky as you fly over a country full of diverse scenery. For the less activity inclined, helicopter tours are an incredible adventure and allow you to see the stunning scenery of this unique country in comfort.


There are some stunning treks in Montenegro and the vast forests and countryside make the effort worthwhile. Durmitor, one of Montenegro’s UNESCO heritage protected national parks is one of the most popular trekking locations in Montenegro with peaks at over 2,500 and incredible limestone and glacial landscapes interspersed with pastoral views and stunning canyons. Biogradska National Park in the east of the country is equally popular with dramatic peaks and challenging treks with unique and unrivaled scenery among the black mountains.


The beautiful bays of Montenegro can be explored by speed boat, but there is something charming about slowing down the pace and taking in the scenery. You can also take to one of Montenegro’s many rivers to explore by Kayak. The stunning Lake Skadur is also a prime Kayaking location as you paddle through the floating flora which sits atop the lakes waters as it twists around the mountains, cutting its own path back to the sea.

White water rafting

The Tara River in the north of Montenegro has the best waters for white water rafting. A combination of rapids and waterfalls makes for an exhilarating journey down the river.

3. Andermatt, Switzerland: Mountain Adventure

The Alps in the summer provide a different experience with incredible climbing and stunning views no longer obscured by the snow which has mostly melted to reveal lush, green pastures with beautiful lakes, streams and flora filled landscapes.


There are some incredible climbing sites for a range of experience levels in and around Andermatt. The Salbit S Ridge is one of the most challenging of Swiss climbs with pinpoint peaks and three classic ridges. Only one person can fit atop the peak to enjoy the outstanding views across the Andermatt valley. Along the climb you will come across the incredible 90 m long Salbit suspension bridge. The granite climbing above the Furka pass leads to a snow ridge which extends to the glacial peak. The Goschenralp climbing area which encircles the stunning Goschenralp Lake has a range of climbing levels all with incredible alpine views. There are also a number of hiking trails for those less experienced.

Mountain Biking

Incredible biking routes weave through the mountains and valleys of Andermatt through the Uri canton. Climb through sun speckled forest paths, single trails as you pass roaring rivers, alpine meadows, historic towns and glistening waterfalls. There are many well established routes to discover of various levels of difficulty. Get back into nature and explore this stunning region by bike.


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