About us

MEPM - Your International Property Investment Partner

MEPM is an international homes agency with exclusive access to an exciting portfolio of property across the globe.


The experienced sales team at MEPM has worked hand in hand over a number of years with a range of international developers and has access to exclusive and luxury properties in Cuba, Oman, Switzerland, Egypt and Montenegro.

MEPM is not only a real estate sales agency, we are also your partner on your journey to find the perfect second home or investment property from our exclusive portfolio.

We are also an authorised agent of Orascom Development Holdings. Orascom has operations across eight jurisdictions (Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Switzerland, Morocco, Montenegro and the United Kingdom) with more than 55 companies under management, covering the full spectrum of real estate offering with a primary focus on touristic destinations and budget housing.

Vision & Mission Statement

We seek to represent our customers as part of the family, diligently matching businesses and individuals with a property or portfolio which best suits their investment or lifestyle requirements. Not only this, but we stay involved full time with our customers to make sure that even after property delivery they are well looked after. We only select projects which offer an unrivaled lifestyle experience or substantive return on investment with the security of good development partners with strong financial backing.

We aim to grow into one of the leading portfolio providers in the EMEA with a range of stock to suit the discerning investor in key markets researched for their future potential and / or exclusivity. Resort projects are our specialty and we are growing into the market of affordable and primary housing for the benefit of our investors.


Our Formula for Success

Crucial Homework for Investors


We assess real estate choice by the following crucial criteria: Some assessments differ according to your age, financial/taxation status and your current geographical location.

Taxation Risk

Assessment of the purchase, resale, maintenance and personal taxation which can cut into investment returns


Ensuring proper legal protection for clients, clean title and knowledge of the sale and resale process. It's crucial to make sure the paper work is in order.


We research air, train, shipping links... There's no point in owning something when you can't get there!

Resale Potential

Key Research into the inventory size, local and national to ensure a genuine market and to understand likely present and future competition.

Rental Potential

We check proven occupancy levels with seasonality properly assessed

Political Risk

We assess all our properties relating to government stability and advise on risk levels resulting from this.

Developer Risk

We look at the track record of the developers with whom we work and check for any non-performance risk

Climate Risk

Seasonality and climate change is a serious consideration especially relating to rising sea levels.

Personal Safety Risk

Many people think this is a "Middle East" terror issue. It is not. Crime rates (in particular property entry) in the Caribbean, Florida, Southern Europe and Africa have soared affecting property prices and forcing lifestyle restrictions.

Taking the above into consideration, only then are our investors in a position to make any kind of balanced decision.

It would be our pleasure to take you through the process.